Who we are

Barista, cupper, professional roaster, instructor
Paula founded Sikëwa Coffee in Costa Rica after a successful 8-year career in the specialty coffee field, and knowing the need of the local market for high quality coffee. Opening Sikëwa did not only fulfill Paula's dream of running her own specialty coffee roasting operation, but also allowed her to be a close link between producers and consumers, delivering a high quality product with excellent traceability.  Paula is also passionate about continuing to educate consumers in the selection, preparation, and enjoyment of specialty coffee, and often offers workshops and one-on-one training for retail customers and commercial clients.     
Professional experience and qualifications:
  • Professional barista (Costa Rican Coffee Institute- ICAFE)
  • Professional cupper (Costa Rican Coffee Institute- ICAFE)
  • Professional Roaster (Specialty Coffee Association; Instructor: Morten Münchow)
  • Coffee Processing Technician (Specialty Coffee Asssociation- Costa Rica- SCACR)
  • Trainer, World Barista Championship, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015
  • Judge, Barista Championships ( Costa Rica, Denmark, Guatemala, Nicaragua)
  • Collaborator, Nordic Barista Cup (Iceland, Norway, Denmark)
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Specialty Coffee Asssociation- Costa Rica- SCACR, and Costa Rican Championship Committee


After many years of various roles in the world of gastronomy, Alexander had the opportunity to learn about coffee from a production and processing perspective. Working with Sikëwa has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of everything that goes into creating a great coffee, from cultivation to milling, processing, roasting and different preparation methods. His newly found passion for everything coffee has become a perfect complement to his gastronomical knowledge.
Professional experience and qualifications:
  • Professional cook (Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje, Costa Rica)
  • Barismo and cupping (Specialty Coffee Asssociation- Costa Rica- SCACR)
  • Roaster (Specialty Coffee Association)